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Tournament Operations


A golf tourmanet is more than just a 4 hour event where a bunch of people tee up a golf ball. A golf tournament is an experience!! A single charity golf tournament can create an experience that can touch the lives of hundreds of people, if planned and executed properly. It starts with at the 144 golfers that take time out their day to help support the Organization's mission and play golf. Golf can be quickly followed up by a lovely dinner and reception for the golfers, spouses and loved ones. The day after the tournament, when all the dust settles and everybody thinks the tournament is over, it is truly just the beginning for the Organization as they are now able to the proceeds and fulfill their missions, touching hundreds if not thousands of lives.

The tasks that lead up to tournament day typically takes a year of planning and preparation. These tasks can range from venue and sponsorship selection, to even registration as well as deciding the type of Porsche that will be offered to the hole-in-one winner on the Par 3!

If you are thinking about planning or hosting a golf tournament, let us do the work and you just relax!!!

Packages starts at $4,500 per event

Below is a short list of events our staff has worked with:

  • 84 Lumber Classic, a PGA Tour Event

  • US Senior Open, a USGA Event

  • Senior PGA Championship, a PGA of America Event

  • Lake Erie Charity Classic, a Nationwide Tour Event

  • Falling Rouck Classic, a Tri-State Section Event

  • US Mid Am Championship Qualifier

  • Palm Beach County Amateur

  • Pennsylvania State Open

  • The Potomac Cup

Some of our clients over the years include:

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers

  • The Dallas Stars

  • Ford Motor Company

  • 84 Lumber 

  • Lockhead Martin

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers "PwC"

  • US Air Force - Association of Graduates

  • Northrop Grumman

  • Boeing

  • KPMG

A few of our host sites include:

  • Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

  • The Broadmoor

  • La Cantera

  • Chateau Elan

Lean N' Grow


Running a golf operation is no easy task. Running a golf operation at its true potential where revenue is being maximized, while providing great customer service is even more difficult.

An 18 hole golf course is like a moving assembly line, that generally starts at sun rise and ends as the sun sets.

If any of one of these stations (think moving assembly line) break down then the entire operation is not running at its true potential. I'll start off by saying, do you know what your revenue potential is every hour? Every 15 minutes? If you say, "yes," you would be a minority in the golf industry and are more business savvy than most managers however you more than likely also forgetting about other revenue streams (e.g. merchandise, food and beverage, valet, the driving range, locker room, etc)!

Below is a list of sample questions that we feel are important and certainly worth our time in discussing how to improve your facilities operation and customer experience:

  • What's the average revenue per golfer from each aspect of the facility (e.g. food and beverage, soft goods, hard goods, green fees, cart fee, etc)

  • How many customers live within 5 miles, 10 miles, 25 miles of your facility?

  • What is the average customer life span at your facility?

  • How many new golfers were exposed to the game of golf at your facility in the last year, month, week?

  • How much revenue did each new golfer contribute to your facility?

  • What is the retention rate of golfers at your facility?

  • What is your labor cost as a percentage of revenue?

  • What do your golfers want?

  • Why should a golfer stay at your club vs. joining another club?

  • You say you had 55,000 rounds of golf last year, but how many rounds went unplayed? How many discounted? How many full-price?

The aforementioned is just a short list of questions that each facility manager should know immediately about his or her operation! If that is not the case, lets site down and discuss how to better increase revenue, decreased your expenditures and improve customer satisfaction and retention. 

Packages start at $1,500/month

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